Welcome to Husband and Father life!

This blog is focused around the idea that the best way to learn is from someone else’s trials and tribulations!  That’s why I’ll be posting on topics ranging from Marital advice to Parenting education.  This site is centered around my own family in hopes that it helps me and other men to become a better Husband and Father.  Check in on Monday’s and Wednesday’s and I bring you into my personal life and discuss the real topics regarding Marriage.  Then come back on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for a laugh or two as I direct my attention to my daughter Sofia and the challenges and joy’s that she has brought into my world.  In case you need more, on Friday’s the site becomes a vlog as I share a video of my family, society or just life in general.  It’s bound to get personal, it’s bound to get messy.  Fellas, we’re in this together and ladies if your reading this, you just might gain some insight as to why we do/act the way we do.

Thank you for checking out the site, and don’t forget to click the follow button below to catch my latest posts/updates.


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